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Kohaku is a young lady who is a relative of present day people. She is Ruri’s more youthful sister and the little girl of Kokuyo. She is one of the heroes of the arrangement.

Subsequent to meeting Senku and seeing his boldness, fearlessness and ability, Kohaku welcomes him to her town. Since Senku helps and entrances the town with huge numbers of his logical creations and ended up being the friend in need the town predecessors talk about in the accounts that are passed down, the populace is eventually energized to battle and stop Tsukasa’s tyrannic realm.

After Taiju, Kohaku is the most faithful to Senku. Since finding out about science and the sensitive/muddled work it takes to make current developments, Kohaku regularly collaborates with Chrome to search fixings and “convince” Kinro and Ginro to help with the work.


Kohaku is a young lady of normal tallness with a thin however breathtaking figure, having abundant bosoms and a stout butt. She has a fragile face, blue eyes, and fair hair tied-up in a spiky pig tail. Her appearance is that of somebody who gives off an impression of being a blended legacy of American/Japanese[5], indicating her legacy as the relative of Byakuya Ishigami and Lillian Weinberg. She imparts a likeness to her more established sister, Ruri, yet has wild hair in contrast with her sister’s delicate, streaming hair, and a slimmer body. Her apparel comprises of an unrefined, naval force blue dress that scarcely covers her pantiless butt-cheeks. The dress is attached with a rope tied in the center, and interestingly molded Dr stone Hentai shoes.


Kohaku is a caring young lady, thinking about her debilitated more established sister, ready to partake in the competition for her hand in marriage just to secure her. This consideration reaches out to her confidants, and anybody she’s faithful to. She was eager to lie and take chastening all together not to uncover she was assaulted by Tsukasa as not to trouble her sister and the villagers.

Likewise, she has a wild and reckless character, frequently responding out of resentment to being known as a gorilla or lioness because of her solidarity and genuineness. She likewise follows up on her feelings on occasion, conflicting with sane idea. Kohaku additionally has somewhat of a prodding side, approaching Chrome in the event that he could succumb to her to her likeness to her sister.

She’s more than once dazzled by Senku’s logical manifestations, in spite of the fact that from the start, it took her some time to acknowledge that it’s not just wizardry.

Kohaku dominates at battling, chasing, and general ingrained instincts. She is a fiery girl ordinarily, having little interest in more ordinary female exercises and has little information about them, in spite of the fact that she appears to appreciate some luxurious attire that was given to her. Kohaku generally approves of being around young men while swimming or evolving garments; she will, notwithstanding, fight back if a kid gazes licentiously at her bosoms. She has a sharp intuition and astuteness.

During the early piece of the story Dr Stone Hentai, Kohaku will in general be a hair-trigger away from assaulting individuals she questions. Such was her early introduction of Gen, who confessed to being at first a covert agent for Tsukasa she even assaulted Tsukasa himself without truly knowing why he endeavored to slaughter Senku. She additionally has a solid feeling of equity, which in pair with her unruliness drives her into risky circumstances, for example, her fight with a more able warrior like Tsukasa. On account of Senku’s various scoldings and support to think more than one stride ahead, Kohaku outgrows this propensity, however her temper is as yet an issue.

Maybe on account of her sense, Kohaku is by all accounts a decent appointed authority of character. She had the option to find that Gen was the sort of individual who, regardless of having the option to lie without so much as a second thought and asserting to just work for his personal circumstance, esteemed his dedication and companionship with Senku. She additionally perceived that Chrome was enamored with Ruri, however hadn’t understood his own sentiments yet, and had the option to peruse Senku’s character to a degree.

Like Senku, she doesn’t appear to be keen on sentiment, beforehand professing to have succumbed to Senku when she implied that she discovered him intriguing personally. It was expressed that she had affections for Chrome somehow or another, she inquired as to whether Chrome would acknowledge her as his significant other as she and Ruri resemble the other the same. She has appeared to loathe shallow or childish men, from the start hating Gen for needing to change to Senku’s side because of the evident advantages exchanging would procure. Nonetheless, Kohaku later portrays the sort of man she’s into: “Men, who for what they have confidence in, will continue placing one foot before the other, forever, working on progress. This demonstrates alongside a few little minutes, including embracing Senku when liberated from her petrification that she does, indeed, harbor affections for Senku, yet is sufficiently realistic to not follow up on them for the occasion, liking to do what she can to additional the rebuilding of humankind and the annihilation of Why-Man.

Capacities and Skills

Improved actual ability: Kohaku anime gives off an impression of being notable in her town because of her contentious capacities, as both Kinro and Ginro feared her. Tsukasa, an elite contender, expressed that she would have been acclaimed for her battling capacities back in the Pre-Petrification world. Kohaku has incredible strength and perseverance, attributed by Chrome to be one of only a handful few superhumanly tough people inside the town, having the option to convey a hefty pot loaded up with boiling water consistently for her debilitated more seasoned sister, Ruri. In an extra, Kohaku rates herself with 1000 fight focuses, Kinro having 500 and Ginro having 100 separately. In spite of her ability, she is second rate compared to Tsukasa Shishio, Hyoga, and Mozu.

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