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Hestia is a Goddess and top of the Hestia Familia. Hestia is a delightful and unimposing Goddess with an energetic appearance. She has blue eyes and mid-thigh length dark hair integrated with two twintails which reach down to her mid-thighs. Her hair is attached with hair frill that component blue and white petals alongside chime formed decorations. She has a little edge (4′ 7″), which further accentuates her bosoms, consequently the moniker “Loli Big-boobs.”

Her standard clothing is a white little dress with a blue strip around her neck and one tied under her bosoms around her arms, and a couple of white gloves. She is generally shoeless, yet incidentally wears a couple of white flip-flops.

Hestia Hentai is a sort and vigorous Goddess. She additionally fantasies about being involved with Bell and considers Ais to be different young ladies as her affection rivals. Notwithstanding this, she recognizes the offspring of the lower world. Hestia is likewise a diligent employee, maintaining two sources of income just to take care of her obligation for the Hestia Knife. Notwithstanding, she additionally has all things considered a sluggish side as she remained with Hephaestus until she was constrained out and later set aside a significant stretch of effort to look for some kind of employment.

She has displayed to feel no disgrace at all in regards to her body, wearing garments that feature her enormous bosoms and washing totally stripped with different young ladies in a few events.

A while ago when she was in Heaven, Hestia was one of the divine beings to watch the sacrosanct fire. In the wake of slipping to the Lower World, she was dealt with by her companion Hephaestus. Before long, she was approached to live all alone after she continued freeloading off of Hephaestus Familia and was given a room at a neglected church.

Hestia attempted to make her own familia, however couldn’t select anybody. In the wake of neglecting to enroll for the 50th time, she saw Bell and chose to subtly follow him. Hestia discovered that Bell had been attempting to enter a familia, yet was dismissed on various occasions and appeared to be in almost the same situation. Hestia then, at that point, took the risk to enroll him, which Bell joyfully settled after; turning into the principal individual from her familia. She took Bell to a book shop, the area she previously chose in advance, and allowed her Falna to her first reliant.

Hearth Manipulation: As gatekeeper of the sacrosanct fire, Hestia Hentai rules over the fire. Be that as it may, this capacity got debilitated after she plummeted to the lower world, and subsequently can’t actually do much with it except if a special stepped area is ready for her, permitting her to bring her sanctuary from Heaven. By blending her blood in with the logs utilized on a fire she can build its force. As per Hestia, beside the Gods that lived in Olympus, nobody thought about this capacities of hers.

Virgin Goddess: As a virgin goddess, Hestia is safe to the Goddesses of Beauty’s charms. When joined with her control over the fire it figures out how to contend even with Freya’s appeal, empowering her to fix it to eliminate her command over individuals.

Hestia has turned into an incredibly well known and all things considered a breakout character in anime and manga being a fan. She has likewise showed up in a few authority DanMachi related product, and has been the subject of positive gathering, with pundits zeroing in on her relationship with Bell, appeal, and job in the series. She has additionally turned into a famous subject of cosplay, causing a pattern in Japan where ladies endeavored to reproduce her notable ensemble.

Hestia is Bell’s occupant god, responsible for dealing with Bell’s improvement as a globe-trotter. She is desirous of Bell’s association with other young ladies’ issues, including Ais’, however is as yet infatuated with him, dedicated to securing him, and assisting with his development, even subsequent to discovering Hentai Gallery that he just perspectives her as family. She and Bell live in a room under a neglected church, and she works low maintenance for the Guild as an assistant, and furthermore some food stands to assist Bell with everyday living expenses,until moving to the previous castle of the Apollo Familia after overcoming them in the War Game and asserting their resources. Careful with regards to what could happen should the presence of Bell’s exceptional characteristic be uncovered to the world, she stays quiet about it from every other person, including Bell, until offering it to different individuals from her Familia after being asked about it.

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