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Albedo is the Overseer of the Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. She is accountable for the overall administration and management of the exercises done by the seven Floor Guardians, implying that she positions over different NPCs in Nazarick. She is the center sister of the more seasoned sister Nigredo and more youthful sister Rubedo. Alongside her sisters, she was made by Tabula Smaragdina.

A faultless stunner, Albedo Hentai is a lady with glistening pure black hair and the essence of a goddess. She has brilliant irises and in an upward direction split understudies; to her left side and right sanctuaries are two thick horns projecting slantedly, and on her midsection are a couple of dark heavenly messenger wings.

Albedo wears an unadulterated white dress with smooth gloves covering her slim hands and a brilliant spiderweb jewelry that covers her shoulders and chest. In battle, she wears an amazing dark full plate protective layer with a one of a kind cap and conveys a fight hatchet with her.

Very faithful and in affection, Albedo is captivated and penniless/tenacious with Ainz, frequently showing fanatical inclinations with regards to his issues. She is continuously competing for Ainz’s expressions of warmth, exhibiting eruptions of envy at whatever point any other individual has all the earmarks of being drawing near to him. However in spite of this, she expresses that as the Supreme Ruler, it would be odd for him to just take one spouse, suggesting that she would be happy with him accepting others as wives for however long she is the one he cherishes the most.

Because of her inclination as a succubus and how she was customized by Ainz to be enamored with him, Albedo is very decisive to say the least. She at times fails to keep a grip on herself around what Ainz shares with the purpose in going to atrocities, for example, nearly assaulting him despite his desire to the contrary.

Among every one of the Guardians, she is the most vocal with regards to offering her viewpoints. Albedo will straightforwardly decry any assertion or activity she considers improper, arriving where Ainz in some cases thinks of it as a disturbance. As the Overseer of the Floor Guardians, she is extremely prudent. Albedo overlord hentai can make cool as a cucumber decisions that even Ainz now and again doesn’t consider. She accepts Ainz’s requests as a first concern and outright, rebuffing anybody, even a Floor Guardian, who’d set out to deprecate or not approach it in a serious way. As indicated by Ainz, he can detect that Albedo harbors disdain and aggression toward people, whom she calls a second rate species.

Albedo can without much of a stretch lose self control and go distraught assuming Ainz is hurt, even by an assault that may not hurt him at all. She turns out to be exceptionally close to home at whatever point Ainz is put under human risk, like a decisive circumstance, or on the other hand assuming that he considers leaving her.

Albedo and her sisters were made by Tabula Smaragdina. She was initially modified to favor continuous sexual action, yet Momonga adjusted her character and changed her setting to be frantically infatuated with him all things considered.

As the Guardian Overseer of Nazarick, she needs to remember where each Floor Guardian is consistently.

Minutes before YGGDRASIL is supposed to close down, Momonga changed Albedo’s personality data to be infatuated with him as a joke. Albedo is the main NPC to address Momonga when the Great Tomb of Nazarick is moved to the New hentai gallery World. Befuddled at Momonga’s bizarre way of behaving, Albedo inquires as to whether there is something off-base and whether he requires anything of her. She is sorry to Ainz for not living up to his assumption, for example, her own powerlessness to respond to the last option’s inquiries regarding the “GM Call” he discussed. Under Momonga’s organization, Albedo is tested upon by her lord to see how changes had been treated the NPC after the finish of YGGDRASIL when she became conscious.

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